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Samanthuel Louise Gillson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

good evening everyone, it’s just me, your good pal “splendidland”. you might know me because of the artwork i post sometimes, or maybe you stumbled across my web presence because of my hit 2012 RPG game “megaman sprite game”.
i’ve also made a handful of popular posts on here, such as “mickey’s dick smasher”, “tough boy”, and “that comic where wario tries to convince mario to say the dreaded fuck word”, which is a comic based on my sincere feelings and experiences around the subject of swearing; there really was a time where i was asked to say fuck by a classmate, but i refused and said “duck” instead. sonic in the comic represented my fear as a kid that if i ever swore, my mother would find out about it somehow.

despite this story being channeled through Video Game characters, this was actually a pretty personal comic, so it was suprising to me that it became so popular, spawning a lot of redraws of the comic where Mario and Wario are swapped out for the users favourite anime characters or whatever, as well as a pretty funny voice acted version of it.
a lot of people connected with it in some way, either just finding the scenario humourous, or actually responding to it and telling about their own experiences with the subject at hand, and i truly think that it’s a beautiful and positive thing, but it’s also left me feeling quite vulnerable, how this silly ms paint drawing I made to vent my personal feelings has spread much further than I ever imagined.

this isn’t anything especially new to me of course, as this comic was made after the spread of a meme called “don’t ever talk to me or my son ever again”, which arose from a series of posts i made in 2014 in which I badly photoshopped some characters to have a ‘son’, who would just be themself but with weird shrunken features. the first one of these was of Vegeta from dragonball Z, and it got a laugh out of my friends, so i saw fit to give the same treatment to my favourite anime, Cowboy Bebop, which is the post from which the meme began.
out of all the ones i made, i’m not completely sure why this phrase is the one that became a beloved meme, but i think it’s because of the juxtaposition of how needlessly aggressive the phrase is for a concept as ridiculous as a character standing next to a smaller, identical clone. (here’s some meme trivia for you, spike spiegels son in the image is named “tyke spiegel”.)

watching this meme grow has been a pretty disconnecting experience, mostly on account of the fact that i don’t really think i did anything myself to help it become viral, as all i did is create a phrase that people associate with something that was already funny. what really made this meme spread was the creativity and keen eyes of people on the internette. even feeling as detached from it as i do, knowing that i was the one who created that phrase does leave me feeling weird motherly feelings towards it, which is why i feel a level of personal shame when people make racist or antisemetic versions of the meme, or upload obnoxious review videos of it with stressful and irritating sound effects and uncouth commentary.

it’s not the first time this has happened to me in regards to something i made going horribly awry and out of my control. when i was around 14 or 15, i created a small flash animation called “frog squisher”; a ghastly interactive piece of media in which you press a button to make a hammer kill a cartoon frog. despite killing a frog being one of the single most despicable acts a human could ever commit, i was proud of this due to being a dipshit teenager, and saw fit to send it to everyone in my school using the “all students” email address that i had recently discovered.
only problem was, my school had never intended for anyone other than teachers to use this function, and for some reason, anyone who recieved FrogSquisher.swf was unable to remove it from their inbox, and in fact, attempting to delete it would make it duplicate. none of this went down especially well with anyone, but walking around the campus, i recall 2 occasions in which i walked past people saying things along the lines of “i wish i could remove that fucking frog game from my inbox”.

while “Don’t Talk To Me Or My Son” has definitely travelled to some shady places Online that i’d have very much preferred it not to, seeing it acknowledged by various corporate branded twitter accounts is weirdly validating to me in a very shallow way. as small as it is, it’s a way in which i have genuinely made some kind of mark on the world, even if all that amounts to is adding another meme into some eternal digital rolodex and will eventually become replaced by some newer, better meme, which i hope will be more wholesome and encourage eating healthy fruit and vegetables.
  • Eating: slop and slime



Frazzle: a creature who runs around in the Garden of Fungus, it loves to shake its head around because this is how it spreads its spores. it’s unable to wash itself because water will ruin its delicate head, so its body is filthy and covered in black mold.

black mold will eat any spores it shakes off, so it’s impossible for it to reproduce.


ROW 1:

GHOUL: completely dead, but remains alive through sheer willpower. because of this, it’s impossible to change a ghouls mind on anything.

SKELETON: a kind of ghost that feels attached to its past, and pilots its old body with a nostalgic somber mood. they love old timey black and white movies.

WISP: wandering ghost free of avarice. travels forests and moors with no posessions to its name, all it carries is the memories of its own death.

HAUNTED PAINTING: the soul of an artist who worried so much about their work being appreciated after death that their soul manifested itself as their greatest masterpiece. however, this painting is invisible to the living.

ROW 2:

ZOMBIE: a shy ghost who has never known a life outside of their body, and is working up the courage to finally leave it behind. deeply dysphoric about the appearance of their rotting visage.

POLTERGEIST: a spirit of a bratty child, cursed to be invisible but makes its presence known by throwing furniture around. it’s estimated that around 25% of all birds are actually dead, and are merely puppeteered by a poltergeist.

BANSHEE: a dumpster ghost from the sewer that screams and screams and screams, because it’s afraid of bugs and mice. as long as bugs and mice continue to exist, it will never stop screaming.

COMPUTER: a kind of electrical ghost created by humans. it’s good to stay on its good side, because it knows your credit card infomation and passwords.

ROW 3:

CREEPING FOG: ectoplasmic entity, it forgot everything about its life, so its form deteriorated into a spreading mess. it’s the fate of all ghosts to eventually take on this form, where they will all combine into a single conciousness. to humans, this ghost goes by the name of “clouds”

SHADE: dark and sneaky spirit that lives in shadows. it latches onto others and follows them around because it lacks confidence, but unfortuantly this has lead to it falling into some bad crowds. despite this, it remains optimistic that it will one day overcome its anxiety.

TUMBLEWEED: plant spirit who bumbles and tumbles across the earth with no direction, and can only be moved by wind. it’s forever in a state of panic because it worries that one day it will get blown into a volcano.

MUMMY: when it was alive, it fretted about its body deteriorating, and ensured that it would be preserved forever in a tomb, however now its own body is a tomb, and its ghost is unable to leave. the only way it can be freed is if its body is destroyed, something it refuses to allow to happen.
patty and selma
age 8: patty and selma are too mean to homer
age 24: patty and selma are the best characters
Meet the Artist
i've seen a bunch of people doing these and decided to do one too, in pixel art form


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garbagegoblin Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2017  New Deviant Professional General Artist
Hey, keep up the good work!
I love the Megaman Sprite Game so much and I am happy to watch the development of the game you are working on now!
That-Mario-Kid Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Did you base Uncle Proton on Mr. Plinkett?
splendidland Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That-Mario-Kid Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehehe I knew it.

Can't wait for your new game dude.
splendidland Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i'm doin' my best
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